From its earliest days, investigations and rescues have been an integral part of the spcaLA's services. It is one of the most active and effective organizations in bringing to justice individuals who abuse or neglect animals.

Our Humane Investigators are sworn officers under the California Civil Code Section 607f. and "have all power at all places within the State lawfully to interfere to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any dumb animal... They may make arrests for violation of any penal law of this State relating to or affecting animals in the same manner as a Constable or Peace Officer."

Humane Investigators are uniformed and armed. They are authorized to make arrests and to prepare and execute search and seizure warrants.

Investigators are employed on the basis of their knowledge of law enforcement and animal care. They must meet several pre-requisite standards including an oral interview, background check, physical ability, and writing proficiency.

Training includes, but is not limited to, completion of a level 1 P.O.S.T. certified Reserve Police Academy and California Humane Officers' Basic and Advanced Academies.

Investigators also receive specialized training in many areas of animal welfare and can provide valuable expertise in investigating, dog fighting, cock fighting, occult activities, guard dog operations and pet shops.

Our expertise and assistance is frequently utilized by police and sheriff departments, animal control agencies and other humane organizations throughout the United States.

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