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February 9, 1994

Mr. David Roth
Urban Wildlife Society
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Mr. Roth:

In reference to our discussion last week regarding bird control in urban settings, the purpose of the project and the sensitivity of the situation must be considered. Assuming that the purpose of the project is to prevent roosting on a particular structure, the best method is certainly exclusion.

Exclusion can range from a very temporary solution to a permanent one which will require no farther attention. Factors to be considered in determining the most appropriate methods are effectiveness, longevity, maintenance, ease of application, cost and aesthetics. Materials include tactile repellents, pins and wires, netting, and permanent materials such as screening or hardware cloth.

One of the best middle-of-the-road approaches is to use nylon netting. The material is very easy to use, durable and can often be integrated into the architecture of the structure. Some information regarding this technology is enclosed.

Pins and wires or nylon line can be used, but often are more labor intensive to install and, in most applications, are more permanent. The tactile repellents are easy to apply but can disfigure structures if applied incorrectly, tend to dry out or collect debris, and are the least permanent of the techniques.

While the strategy of bird removal (trapping and/or lethal baiting) reduces the population, it only offers a temporary solution to the problem. Birds will migrate back into the area and reinhabit previous roosting sites if they are not excluded from the site. So in either case, for long term bird management, exclusion is  essential.

Hopefully this will prove useful in reaching a decision on how to approach this pest  management problem. Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.

Richard D. Kramer, Ph.D. B.C.E.
Director, Research, Education, and Technical Resources 
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