The Urban Wildlife Society's
gee whiz animal quiz
  1. What bird has been a domesticated friend to man longer than any other?
  2. What animal has helped save so many people that you might not exist had one of your ancestors not been saved by one of them?
  3. What animal is the traditional symbol of love and peace? (Be specific.)
  4. What animals can routinely find their way home from strange places over hundreds or even thousands of miles away?
  5. What winged creature can think abstractly, form concepts, recognize itself in a mirror, and commit images to memory many times faster than human beings?
  6. What birds did Queen Victoria raise and love?
  7. What animal formed a basis for Charles Darwin’s studies and later became his loving friends?
  8. What animals did Picasso love so much he named his daughter after them?
  9. What animal has Jimmy Smits grown to love, personally, because of the character he plays in the hit TV show NYPD Blue?
  10. What kind of dove did Noah release from the ark? (Be specific)
  11. What bird was used to take aerial photography?
  12. What animal did Lockheed Aircraft Company use to send messages between facilities across Los Angeles in order to avoid traffic?
  13. What bird has no sound for pain – and therefore suffers and dies in silence?
  14. What animal has been revered for 12,000 years and, only in the last century, has been severely abused by man?
  15. What bird brings life to an often otherwise bleak inner-city landscape?
  16. What non-native bird inhabits areas without displacing native species?
  17. What animal was used in Desert Storm to send messages that otherwise would not have gotten through due to intense radio jamming?
  18. What was a favorite animal of the famous artists Picasso, Monet and Matisse?
  19. What animals are encouraged to provide a fertilizer of choice for famous brands of champagne?
  20. What is the common name for the Rock Dove?
  21. What word in the dictionary means the same as the word "dove"?
  22. What bird is falsely accused of spreading many diseases to people?
  23. What birds feed milk to their babies?
  24. What birds solved incredibly complex puzzles to become one of the two top birdbrains of England?
  25. What bird is commonly sacrificed as nothing more than live targets placed in the sights at the end of a shotgun?
  26. What bird adorns foods, beauty products, a famous bank, and credit cards worldwide? (Be specific)
  27. What is one member of the dinosaur family who is still alive and well today?
  28. Unscramble the following word to find the answer to these questions: GINEPO
(c) D.L. Roth, 10 March, 1997; 2006

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