General attitude of racers/fanciers toward animals,
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From: Ron Huntley

. . .  if you want to really do the kids ... justice, you would teach them how to humanely kill when it is necessary.  My mother taught me how to kill chickens over 50 years ago when I was eight and it never did me any harm.  I would even say that it made me a more realistic person.
Ron Huntley

Subject: Re: BREEDING: Teaching kids ... to kill
From: Jim Schneider [NMRollers]

I'm always encouraged when someone in the pigeon sport tells of how they ... know the importance of humanely killing (culling)...

Subject: Gen Info. ...culling
From: Ed Dillon

.... animal protection groups will keep you from ridding yourself of the spotted owl, the desert tortise, the hawks and every other imaginable creature that they believe must be saved...

Subject: Re: BREEDING: Teaching kids (and Animal Dave) to kill
From: Paul J Hollander

I was planning an impassioned post..., but I had to go out and ... shoot a cat that's been after the pigeons. ... Cost of the ammunition is trivial, but it takes at least 15 minutes to bury the carcass, and I'd rather use this time for other things.

Subject: Other
From: Dick Estep
. . .
   You actually bury the cats you kill in your yard? Huh, I guess I'll have to think about that one some. My neighbors ... who keep ... their half a dozen cats running loose and breeding indiscriminately, ...said they knew who'd shot several of their cats with a pellet gun and cost them hundreds in vet bills.
   I invited the husband out into the street to discuss the situation more fully with me, but for some reason he refused to come out of his own yard. I was just wanting to give him a little "insight" into my philosophy of you control your animals and I'll control mine!
   Some people have no sense of humor. 
Subject: Re: Culling (Animal Dave) BY Kenneth Oliver

From: Skyrac 4370 [SkyRacer Lofts]

If [a person against lethal culling] were a pigeon in my loft [it] would be culled... FACT NOT FICTION

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Subject: OTHER:  Culling
From: Robert L Fragoman

...I don't think the subject of culling ... is good publicity for the hobby ...
. . .
...It is only a matter of time before some do gooder tries to get some law passed to control you and your birds.

Subject: OTHER: pigeon legislation
From: Hans Windgassen
Organization: Sophie's Sweepstake Emporium

. . . IS better if WE are awa[re] of trends and forstall silly legislation.  Leaving it to extremists to make the first move is foolish as politicians love [] easy vote getting ,alledgedly loving one's feathered friends sure is one.

Subject: Re: Culling ...
From: Jim Schneider [NMRollers]

    Since the list is for information and introducing beginners in the pigeon hobby..., whether it be Racers, Rollers or Show, then the topic of Culling is a VERY necessary one.  ... Some... are fortunate to live in an area where there is a demand for ANY kind of bird (so you let someone else Cull it?), be it for Hawk training, or Shotgunning... but most of us are not blessed with this easy way out. ...

From: Harry Hill [Maverick Loft]
. . .
... I cull pigeons that are physically inferior... feed it for no other reason than its here is wasteful when the feed could be put to better uses.

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